Which Type Of Custom Dog Toys Are Best?

So you go out and get another toy that cannot be broken for your dog. Your dog looks at you with a smug expression and a “challenge accepted” expression. Within the next hour, that extra-tough toy will be in bits and strewn all over your house. After putting over a thousand different dog toys through rigorous testing and evaluation, we quickly identified the genuinely custom dog toys and distinguished them from the imitations.

It was a long road, but after hundreds of games with the most aggressive, rough-playing dogs available, we whittled down the competition to three champions, each outstanding in their unique manner. It was challenging, but in the end, we chose the best three.

1. Goughnuts Maxx

For certain canines, the usefulness of a chew toy might be assessed in minutes rather than hours or days. If your dog has the potential to win first place in a chewing competition, then you need to provide him with a durable chew toy that can last for a long time. These long-lasting goods are often provided to dogs who quickly destroy their other types of chew toys. There’s only one little catch. All the experts agree that your dog should avoid playing with toys like these because of their hardness. Solid things cannot only become splinter, which may cause injury to the body if eaten, but they are also hard enough to shatter a tooth, resulting in hefty veterinary fees.

2. West Paw

Even the most challenging dogs enjoy a good game of fetch. When our Pit Bull tester finally caught up to the tennis ball, he spent the next minute or two violently shaking and crushing it before throwing it back. Orange Jive to the Westpac ball made of indestructible material resting on the grass. Most of the balls we tested either had a diameter that was somewhat more than the range of 2.5 to 2.7 inches that is compatible with a conventional ball thrower, were so heavy that they were incapable of being thrown very far, or did not bounce when they were dropped. We are serious when it comes to our games of fetch! The West Paw Jive was head and shoulders above the other dances in the competition. It is simple to see why this ball is a favourite among powerful canines such as German Shepherds and Pit Bulls since it is remarkably resistant to the effects of wear.

3. Goughnuts Tug MaXX

A tug-of-war match is, in the opinion of many canines, the single most excellent form of canine entertainment. The ultimate test of strength consists of seizing hold of one end of a tug toy and tugging as hard as possible. Keep a firm grip on the leash because your puppy’s force will take you by surprise.

We found that material was the most cause of resistance from clothing engendered by pointy teeth trying to clamp down; rope, nylon, and sewn garment were particularly susceptible to fraying and trying to tear. Although all tug toys have been mainly designed to withstand being pulled in various directions, we discovered that rubber was the most cause of resistance from wear engendered by sharp teeth trying to clamp down.